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Software development value stream

In manufacturing it is well understood that the product development process aims to create a profitable manufacturing value stream. But in software development there is only product development value stream that creates the value and the manufacturing part is missing. I have seen many times that software development is done using projects where the only goal is to get the product to the market and there is no focus on creating effective software development value stream. This has lead me to think that in software development we should focus on creating effective product development value stream at the same time we create products.

I my opinion the software development value stream should contain at minimum following parts: development environment, reliable automated building environment, automated testing environment (unit, functional, acceptance, performance and stability testing), automated source code analysis, automated source code formatting, automated deployments of SW for exploratory testing (in some cases automated deployments to customer environments). And this is just the engineering part of the value stream we should not forget the customer request analysis and delivery part of the value stream.

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