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Work in progress limits inside iteration

In iterative software development methods like Scrum people limit the work in progress by selecting the amount of work they take in when iteration starts. This works well when the amount of the work that has been selected fits in iteration so the work gets completed. What to do when people select constantly too much […]

Value Stream Owner

Have you seen value stream maps that expose big queues and huge ineffectiveness in software development organisations? I have but seldom I see something done that would improve the situation. There are many reason why so little is done but I feel that most important one is lack of value stream owner. Value stream owners […]

XP2010 in Norway

I will be presenting an experiences report at XP2010. The experience report will be available for downloads at my site after conference. Abstract: Automated Acceptance Testing of High Capacity Network Gateway In this paper we will explore how agile acceptance testing is applied in testing a high capacity network gateway. We will demonstrate how […]

Kanban board exprience

I was last week working with system verification team that had problems using scrum. No wonder they had problems because scrum is meant for managing product development and not to map parts of sequential life cycle model to scrum. The solution to distribute the system verification team to development teams and do the end testing […]

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