Professional Consulting


Certified Large-Scale Scrum Practitioner
Large-Scale Scrum (LeSS) is a framework for scaling agile development to multiple teams. LeSS builds on top of the Scrum principles such as empiricism, cross-functional self-managing teams and provides a framework for applying that at scale.

Agile and lean software development introduction
In this training we learn what agile and iterative development methods are, how they work, how to implement them and how they differ from sequential software development.

Introduction to iterative development with Scrum
This training is your starting guide to Scrum.

Iterative development with Scrum
During this course, you will learn why a seemingly simple framework like Scrum can have such profound effects on an organization.

Agile estimating and planning
In this training you will learn how agile planning methods works and how to drive product development using these methods.

Agile Transformation Simulation
In this training we explore how agile product development changes organization by running simulation and use the learnings to get improvement ideas for real life.