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Iterative development with scrum

This training is not a basic course to Scrum. Before the this course, each participant should have read one Scrum book, or the on-line Scrum Primer.

During the course, you will learn why a seemingly simple framework like Scrum can have such profound effects on an organization. Participants gain practical experience working with Scrum tools and activities such as the product backlog, sprint backlog, daily Scrum meetings, sprint planning meeting, and burndown charts. Learning is doing so there will be plenty hands on exercises that will show how theory can be applied in practice. Participants leave knowing how to apply Scrum to all sizes of projects, from a single collocated team to a large, highly distributed team.

Training will consists of following parts
Self management
Empirical process control
Scrum overview
Quality and speed
Scrum master role
Release planning using Scrum
Iteration planning using Scrum
Review and retrospectives
Self managing teams
Scaling up Scrum
Questions and answers

This training is suitable to all persons working in a Scrum team, with Scrum teams, line managers, project and product managers.

Duration 2 days class room training Maximum 35 participants